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Bountiful Gratitude

My Gratitude Journal

I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal for a number of years. In her book, Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach encourages the daily practice of recording 5 blessings or reasons to be grateful. Most days, although my blessings are far too numerous to list, I can easily write down five to ten.

I often write of my gratitude for the bounty and rich blessings I have in my life, and there are many days where I just write about the food. For years, I’ve added the additional words to the grace before meals prayer, “And bless all those who brought this food to our table.” I am truly grateful for all the people who bring the food to my table – the farmers and growers and harvesters, those who package and transport and deliver it, those who sell and bag it…seriously think about how many people deserve our thanks and kudos. It’s mind boggling.

Today, I encourage everyone who reads this to make your own record or list of gratitudes. And if you have children or grandchildren, or even nieces and nephews, it might be a fun exercise for them to see where their food came from today. Maybe even get out a map or atlas of the world, or go online to see how far the food had to travel to get to your table. How cool to see and appreciate the amazing bounty we have in our lives.

Here is my menu plan or food for today. Since the farmers’ market is closed for the season (it’s Wisconsin!), all my food listed came from my neighborhood Piggly Wiggly and recent shopping trips to Trader Joe’s and Woodman’s Market.

Berries from California and Mexico


  • Coffee – South America
  • Half & Half – Colorado
  • Steel-cut Irish Oatmeal – Arkansas (Thank you, J & P!)
  • Milk – Wisconsin
  • Blueberries – Mexico
  • Cinnamon – Tennessee
  • Stevia – New York


  • Eggs – Illinois
  • Bacon – Iowa
  • Toast – Wisconsin
  • Butter – Illinois

Potential Snack:

  • Raspberries – California
  • Blackberries – Mexico

Dinner (Ham & Scalloped Potatoes)

  • Ham – Missouri
  • Potatoes – Wisconsin
  • Cheese – Wisconsin
  • Onions – Texas
  • Flour, Salt & Pepper – Illinois, Ohio, and Maryland

And maybe later tonight:

  • Red Wine – California
  • Dark Chocolate – California

And throughout my day:

  • Plenty of water – God and Lake Michigan

I feel such humble and bountiful gratitude; I can scarcely take it in. I so hope your blessings are abundant too and that you feel the same way.


6 comments on “Bountiful Gratitude

  1. Robyn
    November 25, 2012

    Love it Sue. Especially grateful for red wine and chocolate. 🙂

  2. Joan
    November 25, 2012

    Those are truly beautiful and thought-provoking words. Loving your blog and love being a blog follower.

  3. authormurielryan
    December 3, 2012

    Sounds like a good plan–it’s making me hungry! I agree that being thankful should be year-round.

    • spencedaniel2012
      January 8, 2013

      Muriel, I just realized I had forgotten to reply to your comment. My apologies. Thank you for your comment and I checked out your blog and I loved your use of God’s wink. That conjures such a sweet image in my mind. All the best to you in 2013!

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