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What are you waiting for?

Isn’t it interesting the things we think about when we are doing something else? This morning, while I was waiting for the furnace to kick in and my coffee to finish brewing and my hair straightener to warm up, I thought about all the waiting a person does in a lifetime. It seems that from the very moment of our existence, waiting is involved.

Before we were born, our mothers had to wait 9 months for us to arrive. And that was just the beginning. After that there was the waiting for us to…

  • Sleep through the night
  • Get a first tooth
  • Learn to do dozens of things, like sit up, and talk, and walk
  • Understand the word ‘no’
  • Get potty trained

When we were young, we waited…

  • To learn how to tie our shoes or ride a bike
  • To lose our first tooth
  • For the first day of school
  • To learn the alphabet and to read and write
  • For report cards
  • For the first day of summer
  • For our birthdays to arrive
  • For special days, like Christmas to come
  • To open our presents
  • For it to stop raining
  • For it to snow
  • To get older

And when we got older, we waited…

  • To grow taller
  • To get our ears pierced
  • To get to shave
  • To need to shave
  • For milestone birthdays to become a teenager, or to turn 16
  • To learn how to drive and get our license
  • To become 18
  • To be able to vote
  • To leave home
  • To go to college

And then we got to college and we waited…

  • In lines for our books, our classes, our food
  • For mail from home or care packages, or any mail at all
  • For results from quizzes and finals, and for grades
  • For phone calls
  • For weekends or breaks from school
  • For the day when we could read a book for enjoyment and not a grade

Then we graduated and we waited…

  • For job offers and what we hoped would be the perfect job
  • For school loans to kick in
  • For that special someone – if we hadn’t already found them

And then when we became adults, the waiting continued. There’s waiting…

  • For a letter, a package, a phone call, a text, an email, a fax
  • For a fever to break
  • For water to boil
  • To lose 5 lbs.
  • To lose the baby weight
  • To get a different car
  • To pay off debt
  • For couch time
  • For the game to start
  • For the game to get over
  • For payday
  • For the weekend
  • For feedback
  • For a favorite show or movie
  • For sequels to come out
  • For library books on hold
  • For guests to arrive
  • For stores to open
  • For sales
  • For reservations
  • For inspiration
  • For appointments
  • To hear if we got the job or the promotion or the raise
  • For houses to sell
  • For offers to be accepted
  • For repairmen
  • For gardens and crops to grow
  • For rain
  • For it to stop snowing
  • For a difficult or challenging time to pass
  • For the car to warm up
  • For the light to turn green
  • For a break in traffic
  • For a break in the weather
  • For a diagnosis or test results
  • For healing
  • For an apology
  • For forgiveness
  • For someone to come home
  • For an answer
  • For our team to win
  • For a bad haircut to grow out
  • For our nails to dry
  • For retirement
  • For the perfect time
  • For a dream to be realized

How about you? What are you waiting for?

Just waiting for my nails to dry

Just waiting for my nails to dry


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