Dreams really do come true. Keep dreaming!

Words of Affirmation

As I was sifting the words and finalizing the illustrations for, The House That Wanted a Family, I hoped it would be well received. Since the first day when it became available online and then on the second, when it made it to #7 on Barnes and Noble’s Top 100 Current Bestselling Paperbacks, I have been simply blown away. I have received such an outpouring of well wishes, congratulations, and so many words of affirmation and acknowledgement, that I scarcely can take it in.

Framed Gift Commemorating Day 2 Achievement

Framed Gift Commemorating Day 2 Achievement

Nearly every day has had pinch-me moments. In early May, a group of co-worker friends planned a book signing event and every detail, and every cookie baked, and every balloon bundled, including those guiding guests to the celebration, made for a perfect evening. I am blessed with family and friends who believe in me and my book. I have received dozens of emails and cards and texts, as well as phone calls. People have stopped me on the street and in stores, in the hallways of work, and at church. I have tried my best to record as many of these moments and words as possible, and thought I would share some of them in this post.

  • My daughter texted – I have goose bumps!
  • A friend wrote – I just ordered 4 copies. Get your pen ready!
  • Another friend wrote – Congratulations! I have heart flutters.
  • A fellow writer wrote – You inspire me to make my dreams come true. Now I just have to figure out what they are. 
  • A co-worker wrote – I wish you shocking success with this entry into the market and truly hope that this is just the beginning of your life as a professional story-teller.
  • A friend of a friend shared – My kids loved your book. We’re moving in a couple of weeks and it’s eased the transition. 
  • Another co-worker wrote – I must have read your book about 5 times last night. Your illustrations are phenomenal and the detail is incredible. 
  • A church friend wrote – I felt myself tear up, reading about the empty house. I recalled only a few years ago selling our newly empty family home, when my parents moved to assisted living. We just wanted a new family who would love our house and make it a home.
  • A neighbor read it to her granddaughter who asked, “Again?” My neighbor read it again, and was asked to read it a third time. She said it continues to be a favorite.
  • A co-worker said, “The story is so sweet and the illustrations match the words perfectly!” 
  • One of my nephews is waiting for my next book in what he is sure will be the second in a series of House books.
  • Five-year old Veronica loved that the house got a family.
  • Seven-year old Emily told her grandmother that she just loved my book!
  • Little Sophie loved the family page and that the little girl’s dress was pink.
  • A classmate of my daughter wrote – Congratulations on creating such a wonderful book for children everywhere and for fulfilling a lifelong dream!
  • A retired principal was very impressed and called it the perfect children’s book.
  • A retired teacher and aunt of a friend was impressed with the well written story and engaging illustrations.
  • A co-worker in China wrote – I want to thank you for writing this book. I’m sure many children (and their parents) love it. I hope more will come soon. Do let me know when that happens.
  • A reader from China wrote – “I am really happy to be one of your readers. The story you written is easy, simple but full of loves. “House” doesn’t mean “home”, so luck I am that I borne into a big family and my families are always my most important people. Thank you to teach me “dreams do really come true”. (sic)
  • A male co-worker and neighbor emailed – I read your book again last night, and I’m not making this up – I got a little misty.
  • A friend of a friend wrote – Thank you for sharing your talents with me and the rest of the world. This book will remain near and dear to my heart.
  • Olivia shared – It is one of my children’s favorites at the moment. I think we have read it 5 out of the last 7 nights!
  • Pam wrote – I gave one of your books to my brother and sister-in-law, who are expecting their first child, and they loved it! They are interested in knowing when you will be publishing your next book.
  • A retired new friend told me – I bought and read your book and really enjoyed it. It’s a great story and I can’t wait to share it with my grandchildren.
  • A Milwaukee mortgage banker shared – I LOVE your book!!!!
  • And a friend from afar recently emailed – I loved it from front to back and back to front. 

I happen to be a words of affirmation person. So to have had a year like 2012…well, the best way I can describe it is, my cup truly runneth over.


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