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Out with the Old, In with the New

Whatever coaxes us out of hiding, to write, record, and express, is a revolutionary act. It says that we believe our lives count; our lives do count.  – SARK

I love that quote. If you are someone who keeps a journal, you will probably understand what I mean, when I say that every year my journal becomes almost like a friend. To those of you who don’t journal, let me explain.

Throughout the year, I spend some time, nearly every day with my journal, recording the highs and lows of my day and life, as well as memories and sweet moments that I don’t want to forget. I paste in mementos and cards and notes and movie stubs and many assorted items. So many in fact, that as the year progresses, the binding gets stretched beyond its capacity to hold the pages. As a young girl, I loved the idea of a diary and started many of them, only to lose my motivation or the diary itself, generally before February came along. Even as an adult, I definitely have my share of partially filled or barely started notebooks and journals. I’m thinking that is true of almost everyone who has ever considered journaling or does journal.

My mother died more than 40 years ago, years before this age of technology, leaving my siblings and me with few photographs, and no audio or video remembrances of her. And except for a scattering of letters, we have very few of her words either.

I think that might be why I became a devoted journal writer. Not just because I love stories and truly believe everyone has a story to tell, but also because I wanted to leave my story and words behind, especially for my daughter. I hoped they would bring comfort to her whenever the day came when she would need them. I knew what my mother’s words would have meant to me. Now, I wasn’t always a devoted journal writer though. As a single working mom, there just wasn’t enough time in the day or energy at the end of a day to do it. Sometimes my daily recordings were captured with some quickly scrawled words on the calendar where I listed the life happenings, important commitments, and high points in our life. Although I did keep a journal the entire time I was pregnant with my daughter and later filled a calendar of her first year. Then periodically throughout her childhood, I would write her letters during my lunch hours at work, where I wrote of her favorite things or recorded sweets words that she said or just my random thoughts at that particular moment in her life.

I’ve always been a lover of words, but it really wasn’t until my daughter grew older that I started investing the time and establishing the habit of writing in a daily journal.  At times, it is so like a form of therapy. There have also been many times when a question got asked or someone was wondering about some tidbit of our mutual lives and then I would scan one of my journals for the answer, the name, or whatever fact that was needed, and found it. I love that. Of course there are still days when life just gets too busy or I’m too tired to write. Then I find myself playing catch up after having missed a day or sometimes several days of writing. Whenever that happens, I either try to recall the day as best as I can or I just write whatever comes to my mind. My journal writing habit has now grown to my keeping a gratitude journal, a prayer journal, and a book journal.

So with 2012 coming to a close, I’m getting ready to browse and review my 2012 Moleskine Journal one last time before bundling it up and tucking it safely with my other journals. My new 2013 PURPLE Moleskine along with some new assorted journal items are patiently waiting for me to dive in.

2012 Moleskine and Overflowing Year

2012 Moleskine and Overflowing Year

2013 Desk Calendars and Purple Moleskine

2013 Desk Calendars and Purple Moleskine

Before I get started though, I want to wish everyone a prosperous and healthy New Year. May peace and joy reign in all hearts and minds and homes this year and always. Happy Blessings-filled 2013!


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