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What Are You Celebrating Today?

What are you celebrating today?  

Two sisters I know are celebrating their birthdays, nine years apart.

Maybe it’s your birthday

Maybe it’s your wedding day or anniversary

Maybe you just got engaged

Maybe she said yes

Maybe he did

Maybe someone said ‘I love you’

Maybe you signed on the dotted line

Maybe you got your best score ever

Maybe you passed

Maybe you graduated

Maybe you were forgiven

Maybe you did the forgiving

Maybe you won something

Maybe your team won

Maybe you lost something – like those last 5 lb.

Maybe you found something that was lost

Maybe you learned how to read or swim or cook

Maybe you learned a new language

Maybe you learned to say no

Maybe you learned how to tie your shoes or ride a bike

Maybe you learned how to drive a car

Maybe you got your license

Maybe you got a new car

Maybe you paid off your mortgage or your car or your school loans

Maybe you found the perfect apartment

Maybe you bought a new house

Maybe you sold your home and your house got a family

Maybe you got great news

Maybe you were offered a job

Maybe you are just grateful to have one

Maybe you retired

Maybe the test results came back negative

Maybe a long awaited package arrived

Maybe your number got called

Maybe you got the phone call you’ve been waiting for

Maybe you made it through dinner without a phone call

Maybe you made it through dinner without any spilled milk

Maybe you found out you are expecting

Maybe you heard your unborn baby’s heartbeat for the very first time

Maybe you heard two heartbeats

Maybe you just heard ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada’

Maybe someone you know got a tooth or lost one

Maybe the adoption went through

Maybe your little someone finally slept through the night or in their own bed

Maybe you got to sleep in

Maybe you woke before the alarm

Maybe you made the bus or the train

Maybe you found a great parking spot

Maybe you got a puppy or a new pet

Maybe the deadline got extended

Maybe you got invited

Maybe you got accepted

Maybe someone came home

Maybe you made it through the day

Maybe you found your voice

Maybe you were heard

Maybe you got an answer to a prayer

Maybe you were an answer to prayer

Maybe your dream came true

Maybe your book got published

Maybe you just realized you had something to celebrate

Whatever you are celebrating today…

Blow out the candles.

Make a wish.

Capture the moment and savor it.

Be grateful.

Throw some confetti.

There’s a chance my sister and I will be doing the same thing.

THE FAMILY from The House that Wanted a Family

THE FAMILY from The House that Wanted a Family

The House That Wanted a Family Book Illustration by Susan Spence Daniel


2 comments on “What Are You Celebrating Today?

  1. Linda Babinski
    January 3, 2013

    Happy January Birthday to a dear Friend… and her sister. Love the list – I found more than one thing on there to celebrate today, and it took me down memory lane to all the celebration moments I have experienced through the years. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration filled to overflowing with Joy and Love…

    • spencedaniel2012
      January 3, 2013

      Thank you for all your good words and wishes, Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed the list. It has been a wonderful day.

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