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A Town, Not too Big and Not too Small

“In a town, not too big and not too small, there was a house.” So begins my book, The House that Wanted a Family. This town on a hill is not only the first illustration in my story, I also chose it for the cover, and I drew a night version for the very last illustration at the back of the book.

At the various book signings and author visits that I have done since my book was published, I’ve been asked all kinds of questions. Children of all ages have been curious about not only the story behind the story, but also the story behind the illustrations.

  • Of all the media that I tested and toyed with using, I ended up choosing pencil color with pencil outline for my drawings.  
  • I completed several versions of the hill in January 2012, before selecting the final illustrations for the book.
  • Each of these drawings or versions took me about 16 hours from the initial pencil drawing to filling it in with the pencil colors and then doing the final pencil outline.
  • I have my favorite illustrations and so do my readers. For the majority of people, the hill in the daytime is their favorite.
  • The two final hill illustrations are not identical and were both drawn separately, several weeks apart.

For fun, I’ve included these two illustrations from my book and thought you might enjoy comparing them to see what differences you can find. A very astute 7-year old pointed out some differences I hadn’t intended. You may find some too. For example, I didn’t put the roads and railroad tracks in the night illustration, because I thought they wouldn’t be seen in the dark. But in my mind, they are still there.

The House that Wanted a Family: Town on a Hill

The House that Wanted a Family: Town on a Hill

The House that Wanted a Family: Town at Night

The House that Wanted a Family: Town at Night

So wherever you find yourself at this moment, whether in a town not too big, or in a town not too small, I hope you and yours are safe and warm and healthy. Please continue to stay well and savor every moment.


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