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Creative Writing 101

Hours ago, burrowed under bundles of warm and toasty flannel and down, with near below temperatures outside, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing at record speeds with thoughts that showed no signs of nearing the finish line, much less slowing down. Although my bedroom temperature was far above the bitter cold outside, it still felt cold, too cold to venture out of bed. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I have a habit of getting up and writing down what is on my mind. But even doing that seemed beyond my abilities this morning. So instead, I tried thinking calming thoughts, said some prayers, did a little meditation and deep breathing, and managed to fall back asleep for an hour or so.

It was when my alarm clock told me it was 3:31, that I had the idea to write in the same creative writing style first introduced to me by a favorite teacher in high school. I think the class was called: Creative Writing 101. The idea is to sit for 10-15 minutes and write down anything that comes to mind without letting your pen leave the paper. You don’t need to worry about punctuation and grammar. You just write, sort of like a brainstorming session with yourself or maybe more like a brain dump. So here goes.

Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing 101

START: My fingers are paused on the keys almost waiting for some instructions before beginning. Maybe it is easier to do this with a pen and paper? If I had gotten up at 3:00, I’m thinking they would be flying across the keyboard. I haven’t watched The Today Show in weeks and I kind of miss Matt. I really miss Meredith. I would love a Carnegie Deli Corned Beef Sandwich for lunch. Now there’s a thought. I’m really sad about the Lance Armstrong news, but I’m mostly heartbroken for his kids, his family, and the people of Austin, Texas. There’s a lesson for everyone here. I need to get back to early morning time in my studio. But I also want to get into work early.  I need to call a plumber to fix the bathroom sink. I bought a washer at the hardware store and I can’t get it on the faucet. I need a handyman. A bathroom remodel would be nice too. Check the batteries in the upstairs smoke alarm. The living room needs to get painted. I hope this paint is not discontinued. I love the color. Wash the kitchen floor this Saturday. A Saturday home is coming. Pay bills. You might need to get a new TV or a new cable box. Or should I give up TV? I need a new laptop too. I want to go to Italy. Random thought. Aren’t these all random thoughts? Set up auto pay for car. I love my new car. How long does the new car smell stay? I love it. Call AAA. I think I’m getting mail from Hilary today. Write a thank you. Send card to Aunt Sally. Send an email to siblings with an update. Book Club tonight. Leave work ON TIME today. Make sausage dip and pick up Laura at 6. I can’t wait to read the Art of Hearing Heartbeats. Pull together tax paperwork. Contact independent bookstores about selling my book. I need a weekend to just work on book stuff. I need to work on my book scrap book. Go through stickers for Linda. Friday night visit with Mary and Harry. More sweet moments playing rummy. Mail birthday cards. Garage sale this spring or giveaway stuff? Bring bag to Goodwill. Calendars to J & P. Go to the Library. Drive by ice sculptures while they are still there. Call church about book opportunity at school. What about the school in Illinois for author visit and selling my book. February Guidepost should be here any day with my book ad. Oh man. Fingers crossed. Make appointment for physical. My wrist still hurts. I’m grateful to live right now. Pickup sticks outside when it gets warmer. Where did all the leaves come from? I need to get a new lawnmower. Get pants and black dress hemmed. I could be wearing them. Will I ever get to my ideal weight? I wish I could stay in pajamas all day. Don’t forget about the recycling in garage. Take the plastic bags to the store. Add piano lessons to bucket list. Sisters’ Weekend this year? I miss riding my bike. If I bring it into the house where will I put it? Either that is the wind or a huge plane is going over. Replace tea lights. Whole Food Dark Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt. Oh my gosh. See’s Toffee-ettes. Oh my. Start working out before work or after. Maybe just walking the tunnels. What should I pack for my lunch? I should have done it last night. The apples have been fabulous. Get more smokehouse almonds. Make a slow cooker meal this week. Sauer kraut and spare ribs, maybe? Remember – lunch phone call today with my publisher. Reply to all my phone emails. Clean up email at home…on phone…at work. What about that cookbook idea? I need to make some phone calls. Clean up phone voice mail. Get carpets cleaned. I feel so fortunate to have a job. Maybe I can get a new laptop with my tax return. I hope I get a tax return. Download wedding photos and send some to Ireland. Finish the magazine essay. Why does this feel more like a to-do list? I love drawing berries. I love eating them too. I’m reminded of a little someone once loving celery. Hilarious. I need to share my new oatmeal recipe. What about getting together again for the Academy Awards this year? Find a new source for $2. Finish putting away the laundry. I hope my washer and dryer make it until I retire. These are really great socks. So soft and a good color too. My polished nails are distracting me. It reminds me of when I was six. I miss my mom. The house is quiet. I need to get in the shower. I need to…STOP.


4 comments on “Creative Writing 101

  1. dianescheurell
    January 23, 2013

    Walking the tunnels – you brought back wonderful memories of working at SCJ. I loved the fact that every building on campus is connected by tunnels, except for the Golden Rondelle. It meant we never had to think twice about heading over to the other side of campus when the temperatures were cold, the winds were blowing, and the sidewalks were icy. Enjoy your walk today in the tunnels.

    • spencedaniel2012
      January 23, 2013

      No walk today. Too busy. Barely left my desk. But, tomorrow is another day.

  2. Joan
    January 23, 2013

    Oh my gosh! Been there…done that…how a mind can race, eh? I LOVED it! You nailed it. So miss our ‘meetings’ in the tunnels…with coffee from the Carnauba. Wonderful memories. Thank you for that and we must make that date for the Oscars!

    • spencedaniel2012
      January 23, 2013

      Thanks. You are so right, Joan. Wonderful memories and WONDERFUL coffee. I miss them too. You are on for the Oscars! Can’t wait!

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