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Tangled in the Web of Spider Solitaire

In my basement, is a 2002 Dell dinosaur of a computer that has reached its memory and software limits. Of the seven or so factory-loaded game options on my computer, I have only one game loaded and that is Spider Solitaire.

I have often prided myself that I only play it when I am waiting…

  • For some water to boil
  • For my dinner vegetables to finish cooking in the microwave
  • For the dryer to buzz when it finishes tumbling some clothes
  • For the washer to fill with water
  • For my little Pampered Chef timer to tell me the 5 minutes and 37 seconds I had allotted myself to play a QUICK game have ended.

This morning, I decided to play a couple of games of Spider Solitaire while I waited for my coffee to finish brewing. Out of the blue, I decided to check my game stats to see how many times I had played since the last time I had out of the blue decided to check (and clear) my stats.

I clicked on the stats option and the little stat box listed the number of games I had won and the number of games I had lost, with the total number of games I had played at 1069 games. What?! Never mind how many games I won or how many games I lost. Although, I’ll admit the second number was larger than the first one. The only number kicking me in the pants was 1069. That’s a lot of water boiling, vegetables cooking, dryer buzzing, waiting, don’t you think?

So while my coffee got cold, I decided to grab my calculator and do some number crunching. I should probably add a disclaimer, but I think (hope) you’ll be able to follow my calculations.

1069 X 5 (I guesstimated 5 minutes for the average game) = 5345 minutes

5345 divided by 60 (minutes in an hour – I so hope I did it right) = 89 hours

89 divided by 24 = 3.9 (24-hour) DAYS!

Only get this, it gets better (or worse). I decided to think of it as vacation days from work. If I were logging it that way, I’d be listing it as 8 hours per day. So when I divided 3.9 days (or 89 hours) by 8, I got 11.125 VACATION DAYS! That’s A LOT of vacation days!

Can you believe it? I can almost feel my life slipping away as I type these revealing words. Just think – these 3.9 days of being tangled in the web of Spider Solitaire only represent the time played since the last time I cleared my stats. Prior to today, I hadn’t thought to note the time span between my stat checking (not that I even want to or will ever do it), but with this post, I now have a starting point.

Here’s the deal. I seriously don’t have time to do all the things I want and need to do in my life. Sound familiar? Oftentimes, when people ask me when my next book is coming out, I wonder to myself when the heck I can possibly fit writing and illustrating and publishing another book into my life. I know all too well how all-encompassing it was to complete my first book, The House that Wanted a Family. And although every moment spent tweaking the words and finalizing the drawings was absolutely pure joy, it was also time-consuming and exhausting. Almost every non-working moment and activity of my life needed to be rearranged or paused for months.

Life is all about choices. I love playing games and think it is time well spent, especially when I get to play games with other people. I think online games serve a purpose too.

  • They can be fun and relaxing.
  • They can keep us mentally challenged and stimulated, and help our brain stay engaged and healthy.
  • They can be played with another person via some super whiz technology that is available today.
  • They can be part of some competition we have with friends, co-workers, or loved ones.
  • They might even be keeping us from some other vice or bad habit.

But, the question I am asking myself is, “What else could I be doing with this time?

I can’t get those 5345 minutes back, but I am resolving to use my future minutes more wisely – like really engaging with my loved ones or working on my next book or maybe taking action with some of my good intentions. And let’s face it; I’m also going to spend it playing a game or two or three of Spider Solitaire.  

That’s all for now; I have some real springtime cleaning and cobweb removal to do today. How about you?

Things to do this Week

Things to do this Week


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