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Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Package...tied up with StringWhat are your favorite things? Do you keep them in brown paper packages tied up with string or are they covered with tarp until the weather gets nice? Do you need a key or a combination to get at them, or are they are on display in places of honor in your home or office where they can be seen and enjoyed regularly?

Some of my favorite things are used (or eaten) almost daily by me. When I started making this list, I was reminded that favorite things can fall into many different categories. Here’s a random listing of just some of mine.

My favorite day of the week is sweet bliss-filled Saturday.

My favorite season is autumn. I love every single thing about this season…from the colors to the sounds to the smells to the crispness in the air.

My favorite holiday is CHRISTMAS.

My favorite color is sage green and favorite numbers are 3 and 7.

My favorite mug comes in an array of colors, although I find I always grab the green ones first.

My favorite bowl is a red Fiesta one. It’s the perfect size for my favorite morning breakfast of steel-cut Irish oatmeal with a favorite daily fruit, blueberries. My favorite day-starting beverage is coffee with cream or half and half, and two cups is all I need to get my engine revving. My other two favorite beverages of choice are water and skim milk. And almost all of these things make my gratitude journal on a regular basis.

See’s Toffee-ettes are a favorite indulgence that I only allow myself once a year. And then I need to hide them from myself or at least keep them out of sight as a feeble attempt at practicing restraint.

Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are another favorite indulgence. Actually, they are in a category all by themselves. I’m inserting a moment of silence here to make my point. Seriously, I caution you – stay far, FAR away from these things. I sometimes (when I remember) cut one of them into 6 pieces, another feeble attempt at practicing restraint. It sometimes works. What can I tell you?

Most of my favorite things are replaceable, like all the food items I listed above. Some favorite things, like the ones in this priceless category listed below, are not.

  • A popsicle sled ornament lovingly hand painted with sparkle glitter and with a matching yarn string, made by my daughter many Christmases ago
  • A tissue paper shellacked baby food jar that holds a tea light candle perfectly – another sweet Christmas gift from my daughter
  • Little love notes and cards, also from my daughter
  • Family Photographs
  • My journals

When I think of priceless things, I still remember my mom crying at the kitchen table, holding a broken knick knack from Ireland. It had been broken by one of us kids. I can’t remember exactly what it was or who broke it (it wasn’t me), but I know it was something she cherished, maybe only because it was a tie from home or perhaps something given to her by her mom or a sibling. All I remember are her words, “Someday you’ll understand.” And I do.

Now everything I own does not fall into the favorite or treasured category. Which should make those things easier to get rid of, right? Well, I’m working on it. But even of the favorite things, if I needed to leave my house quickly (you know this often referenced what if exercise) and only take what I could carry, I would grab as many photos and journals as possible. But I would also really want to grab a wheelbarrow (or at least a large backpack) for my favorite art supplies, and the pens and markers and notecards and stickers and assorted ephemera and books.

I have favorite jewelry that I wear everyday…a gold Trinity ring that I bought during my first visit to Ireland, a gold and silver watch from my company that commemorated 20 years of service, and a sweet Stella & Dot gold bracelet with a red pull sting closure – a gift from my daughter.

Sadly, I had a favorite grey sweater that I wore and washed many times in its 4+ years with me. It had become a part of my weekly (or almost daily) work attire until this year, when it developed holes in a pocket and one of the sleeves. Even then, I was reluctant to get rid of it. If I hadn’t, it probably would have been listed in the priceless section (True story).

I have favorite songs and singers, as well as favorite movies and books, only there are just too many to list.

I have a favorite corner of the couch and a favorite side of the bed. I even have favorite sheets – pink and green polka dot for summer and snowflake flannel for winter, or more accurately, considering I live in Wisconsin, for all the other seasons.

I have favorite vacation spots (New York City and Paris) and favorite destinations (Italy and the Twin Cities).

My favorite stores would have to be TJ Maxx and Marshalls, along with Target and just about any grocery store between here and there. And IKEA is where I get my favorite tea light candles.

You know that saying about one person’s treasure is another person’s junk, and vice versa. Well, chances are pretty good that your list of favorite or priceless things would be totally different than mine. I think that’s just one of the many things that keeps life interesting.

Of course this list doesn’t include favorite people, but my favorite moments would be time spent with my daughter and her husband, and assorted family and special friends.

And if I had to pick a favorite… well, favorite moments would be my favorite thing of all. How about you?


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