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Plethora of Ephemera

I happen to love the words, plethora and ephemera.

According to Webster’s, the definition for plethora is: abundance, with synonyms of cornucopia and feast. The first known use of the word was back in 1541. Doesn’t it kind of make you wonder who first used the word and if maybe they misspelled another word on some leathery stiff piece of monastery parchment and since it had already taken them half their lifetime to hand letter the document, they decided not to change it? Of course, we’ll probably never know.

Likewise, the definition for ephemera is: something of no lasting significance, paper items that were originally meant to be discarded after use, but have since become collectibles. Its first known use was in the year 1650. Okay, now I wonder what random things the women and men were carrying around or hanging on to in the 16th and 17th centuries.

For me, it seems I am forever cleaning out a purse or a wallet or one of my many bags and finding a plethora of ephemera. I think an archeologist or psychologist might discover a wealth of information about me from the things that I save and/or carry with me. Only I’ve decided to beat them to the punch and blog about it myself.

For a number of weeks now, I’ve been apologizing and making self-directed wisecracks to clerks and bank tellers and anyone else being exposed to my bulging checkbook/wallet. Disclaimer: Sadly, the bulging has little to do with money or cash of any kind. Anyway, I decided to finally clean it out last night after dinner. Here’s only a sampling of the ephemera I found (see photo going clockwise from top left to right):

Plethora of Wallet Ephemera

Plethora of Wallet Ephemera

  • Moleskine stickers from my weekly notebook – I just can’t seem to resist stickers.
  • A reminder to bring in a recipe for a co-worker – Let me know if you’d like the recipe too.
  • Forever U.S. postage stamps – just in case I need to send a letter or card.
  • A recent quote I found and loved – it is now posted at my desk at home and at work.
  • Photos of my sweet niece and nephew – they will be finding a home on my fridge.
  • A lunch receipt with fun numbers on it – I had recently shared it with my sister.
  • A UPC sticker from a peach – saved it to stick into my gratitude journal. It was an awesome peach.
  • A bank receipt and some random bills ($2 bills are my favorite) – I’m always happy to find the latter tucked here and there.
  • A Nordstrom gift card with $3.91 left on it that expires on 8/30/13 – will soon be finding a home in my daughter’s wallet.
  • A pack of raffle tickets for my parish festival – anyone want to buy one?
  • A receipt for $37 from Piggly Wiggly – no idea why I saved it.
  • A business card for my book – The House that Wanted a Family
  • A Box Top for Education coupon from a Ziploc container – I’ve been saving these for a niece and nephew.
  • A movie ticket stub for LIFE OF PI from 2/15/13 – this can’t be the last time I cleaned out my wallet? Yikes!
  • Raffle tickets that were not winners – I thought they’d be cute stuck in my journal.
  • A postcard about a stamp show that I sadly missedI LOVE fun and unusual and festive STAMPS!
  • A recipe or remedy for night terrors – I don’t know where I got it from and I hope that I don’t need it for any reason. It just seemed like a good thing to write down.
  • Some magazine words (ALL IN. Are you?) – for a future creative venture (See samples with my previous ‘Send Me Your Words’ blog posts).
  • More raffle tickets that were not winners – they are now tossed, thank you very much.
  • A hair cut reminder card for September – now noted in my iPhone.
  • A sweet little post-it thanks that was stuck on my work phone one day – it is headed for my gratitude journal shortly.
  • 79.85 written on a post-it note – I have absolutely no idea what these numbers mean and it doesn’t look like I wrote them. I hope it wasn’t important.
  • Random business cards I’ve picked up here and there – generally I save and stick them in my journal or address book for either a future gift or purchase idea, or for a restaurant or place I want to visit or go back to again.

I would love to hear what ephemera you’ve been carrying around in your purse, glove compartment, satchel, wallet, or briefcase. Please oh please, share at least five things, just for the fun of it. I will anxiously be waiting to read your comments and find reassurance in knowing that I am not alone. Until then, I wish you safe travels and a plethora of blessings.


4 comments on “Plethora of Ephemera

  1. dianescheurell
    August 16, 2013

    My family loves the word plethora too. We try to find a plethora of ways to use plethora in one sentence, and get a plethora of points for a plethora of uses. In my wallet, I found four lists of books you have recommended to me (a plethora,though I’ll count that as one), my old Racine library card (I may need it on a visit), a bandage, an envelope with pictures of my daughters, and a small bumper sticker that says Cultivate Mindfulness. I didn’t remove any of them, but I did clean out a plethora of stuff that I no longer need. Thanks for the reminder to do so!

  2. Ann Spence
    August 22, 2013

    Hilarious. Wonderful. So you. I love the detailed inventory of the cool receipt assemblage. If only…

    • spencedaniel2012
      August 25, 2013

      Glad you enjoyed. By the way, if only what? I’m wondering if you saw something you wanted?

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