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An Attitude of Gratitude or …?

Snowy Gratitude

Snowy Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t mean that every word coming out of my mouth is thank you, sometimes it’s, oh crap!

Like this morning, when I looked outside and the adult in me realized I had to go out and shovel…again! At the same time the little kid in me wanted to stay inside and play.

  • Translation for play (in this context) – journal or blog or read a few chapters of the new book I’m reading or watch TV or start laundry or eat breakfast or savor my coffee or call my daughter or sort newspapers or write a letter or do some sketching or take a shower or start my Saturday chores or check Facebook or see what’s happening on Twitter or figure out what to make for dinner or organize my stickers or do ANYTHING BUT SHOVEL.

But since I live on a busy street with lots of walkers, the adult in me will always (generally) win. So leaving a waiting coffee mug and pot of still warm and freshly made steel-cut Irish oatmeal, I donned my shoveling gear (black somewhat salt-stained Ugg boots, black almost knee-length down coat, red and grey snowflake mittens, and black and white patterned scarf) and headed outside. Even with it being a cloudy 28-degree day, I still needed to wear sunglasses – as the snow does an effective job as nature’s understudy for a sometimes rather truant sun.

With my well-worn shovel in hand, I easily cleared a single path down the length of my driveway, and returned to my garage to start another path. I looked down as I lined up my shovel and discovered some tiny rabbit tracks in the snow that led in the direction of my backyard. And in that split second, my ‘oh crap’ became a ‘thank you.’

All my senses became alive as I fully experienced and soaked up the moment.

  • SEEING: The fresh and undisturbed new blanket of downy whiteness that was now my driveway and yard — undisturbed except for some animal tracks and an unknown number of boot prints left by several morning walkers I had noticed earlier from my kitchen window bench.
  • HEARING: The almost rhythmic sounds of cars and trucks going past my house, as several neighbors started up their snow blowers, and my boots crunched with every step and only my ears to hear them.
  • TASTING: What a delightful surprise when a random puff of wind lifted a dusting of some unsettled roof snow and sprinkled it directly on top of me. Almost instinctively I stuck out my tongue in an attempt to catch a few random specks of it. Success! Yup, it tasted just like snow or water really – tiny hints or whispers of cold clean winter nothingness.
  • SMELLING: I breathed in the fresh clean morning air and gave thanks. Everything from my vantage point seemed brand spanking new and possible. Sometimes when I’m shoveling after starting laundry before heading outside, I love smelling the clean clothes smell drifting out to me through the outside dryer vent. Today, the only other smells were teasing thoughts of my yet to be brewed coffee and the waiting pot of oatmeal on the stove.
  • TOUCHING: I felt gratitude for physical abilities that allowed me to – walk, hold a shovel, feel the wet cold snow and wind against my skin, bend and lift each shovel full of snow, and breathe in breath after breath of fresh oxygen into my lungs – all with hardly a thought. After scraping the last of the snow, I couldn’t resist reaching down and grabbing a mitten full of snow and tossing it into the air. It showered my face and coat with an ever-so-brief moment of frozen winter sprinkles. Laughing to myself I thought, “Little Susie is alive and well.”

As I type these words sitting all cozy and unbundled at my kitchen table, I’m happy to report that both the adult and the kid in me are indeed alive and well today. I’m savoring a fresh steaming cup of coffee goodness and some outstanding wild blueberry decked oatmeal.

My Morning Breakfast

My Morning Breakfast

The gift of a Saturday at home beckons to me, as does a brand-spanking new gratitude journal. I have much to do today before I hit my pillow and call it a day.

But first, a moment of gratitude. Want to join me?


2 comments on “An Attitude of Gratitude or …?

  1. Joan
    February 2, 2014

    Beautiful! Beautiful! As far as gratitude, I am right there with you, Sister. xxx

    • spencedaniel2012
      February 2, 2014

      Awww…thank you, Joan. Your attitude of gratitude is just one of the many things I love about you.

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