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What Do You See?

Happy November Sunday Everyone!

When I was kid my favorite thing about Highlights Magazine was the hidden objects page. I would head to the library, generally on a Saturday, and see if the new issue had arrived. When it had, I would quickly page through the magazine until I found THE page I was looking for and then happily proceed to find all the items. I thought a hidden objects puzzle might be a fun way to savor these last days of fall before all the leaves are gone and piles of snow soon takes their place.

Last Saturday morning, I grabbed a basket and walked through my house, browsing and gathering an assortment of things from my cupboards and drawers and shelves. Then I headed outside. My lawn has a number of trees that includes two large maple trees in the backyard and two large birch in the front yard. I easily found a perfect sampling of crumbled leaves next to the trunk of one of the birch trees and added a few more handfuls to get it just right. Then I arranged the objects and took some photos. I kind of giggled to myself as I considered what my neighbors and any passersby might think if they saw me.

So on the order of Where’s Waldo and I Spy, I hope you have fun seeing how many hidden objects you can find in the photo below. For the photo and word answers, simply scroll down the page.

NOTE: Depending on your computer or laptop screen size, clicking on the photographs should make them larger or bring them to full screen. Then (if your computer is like mine) click on the back arrow at the top left of your screen and that should bring you back to the post.

How Many Objects Can You Find?

How Many Objects Can You Find?






And the answers…




Here are the Hidden Objects

Here are the Hidden Objects



Euro Coin from Ireland

Euro Coin from Ireland


List of Hidden Items
3 Coffee Beans
Ceramic Eagle Figurine
Crayola Goldenrod Crayon
EmergenC Packet
Euro Coin from Ireland
F-Scrabble Tile
Gevalia Coffee Pod for a Keurig
Golden Ribbon Tied in a Bow
Green Leaf (forgot to bring it inside)
Green Tea Bag
Grey Stone
Handmade Card/Bookmark made by my Talented Older Sister
Lemon Candle
Mini Eiffel Tower from Paris
Mini Pumpkin
Orange Post-it Flag
Overipe Banana
Rubber Stamp of Pumpkin
Saturday Fridge Magnet
Small Wooden Spoon
Sweet Ceramic Cat Made by my Talented Baby Sister
Tiny Clay Pot
Willow Tree Angel
Wine Cork
Yellow Fall Flower
Yellow Garage Sale Labels

2 comments on “What Do You See?

  1. dianescheurell
    November 2, 2014

    You better eat that banana soon!

    • spencedaniel2012
      November 2, 2014

      Good call, Diane. I used it to make a loaf of banana bread that is now baking in the oven.

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