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Falling into Autumn

It seems as if only a week or two ago the weather was blistering hot and the air was still and thick with humidity. The trees were every shade of green and the flowers were a rainbow of fresh bloom.

Then as it happens every single year, the calendar pages turned to September, and suddenly there is a crispness in the air and a soft crunching underfoot. Those same trees are beginning to take center stage while the vast majority of flowers are dancing their last dance.

In late August I was surprised by a tree with leaves turning shades of amber with hints of orange and rusty brown. While I thought it was too early, my fall-loving daughter was thrilled by this news.

Early this week I noticed more colorful trees calling my attention almost seeming to wave with their gorgeous swaying branches against a backdrop of turquoise sky, and several yards with rows and rows of assorted sized pumpkins on display for sale. The backdrop of full grown sunflowers no longer facing the sun, but bending with the weight of their golden flowers completed the scene beautifully.

I’m sure I’m not alone when taking a walk or a bike ride, that I notice the beauty and the wonder all around me. When I gaze upward I see the sky and clouds and tree branches that shade my path and when I look down I often see all kinds of left behind bits of nature scattered at my feet.

On the first day of autumn, the sound of rain and windshield wipers swiping accompanied me on my morning drive into work. By the time I arrived in the parking lot, the rain had stopped. As I made my way to the building I breathed in that one of a kind clean earthy smell. I glanced down as I walked and noticed on the wet sidewalk pavement scattered leaves. My mind was already in work mode as I was mentally going over the day’s calendar and tasks I needed to complete before the end of the day. I sidestepped a little leaf that gave me a moments pause and kept walking.

I’d only gone about twenty steps before I stopped. Although I had a purse strapped across my chest, a backpack over my shoulders, and a carry bag that held my lunch and my umbrella and all kinds of assorted things I tend to carry back and forth to work each day, I turned around and walked back to that little almost forgotten leaf. Paying little attention to the colleagues who passed me on the sidewalk, I rearranged what I was carrying and withdrew my phone from my purse and squatted down to take this photo. morning-rain-drops-on-leaf

All week I’ve been stopping to pick up a single leaf or a bouquet of leaves to have at my desk as a reminder of all that I love about this sweet blessed season. It’s truly my favorite one of all.

This morning when I pasted this leaf photo into my journal, I felt nudged to post it here too. As the world is falling into autumn, my wish for all of us is whether we are looking up or down or all around, that we take the time to pause for moments of wonder and truly see the little gifts waiting at our feet.


3 comments on “Falling into Autumn

  1. Diane Scheurell
    September 24, 2016

    Thank you Susan, for bringing it back to me. I do miss autumn here in Hawaii. The only thing in common with Wisconsin is that certain smell of damp earth.

  2. Joan
    September 26, 2016

    So lovely…thank you for putting this “feeling” into words so beautifully. I started noticing the early morning smell in the air changing from summer to fall as I would lean out the front door to collect the newspaper. All kinds of reminders.

    • spencedaniel
      January 21, 2017

      Thank you both for your shared words. All my best always – in every season.

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